ESOP Trustees

Acclaro provides the following services:

  • Valuations for ESOP transactionsAcclaro Valuation Advisors
  • Fairness/adequate consideration opinions
  • ESOP structuring and financing consulting
  • Annual update valuations
  • Repurchase obligation planning/consulting
  • Valuation report reviews

As an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) fiduciary, you understand that an accurate valuation of the sponsoring company's shares is critical to the proper establishment and ongoing administration of the ESOP. 

Acclaro's professionals assist fiduciaries across the nation by providing valuation and consulting service throughout an ESOP's life cycle. We provide valuations to assist the trustee in setting a value for the shares in an initial transaction as well as provide fairness or adequate consideration opinions.  We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with ESOP trustees, delivering our work product in a timely and efficient manner.  We are honored to be the trusted advisor to some of the leading ESOP trustees across the country.

Acclaro prepares the ongoing annual update valuation for more than 80 ESOP-owned companies throughout the United States.

At Acclaro, we approach every valuation as if the company were our own.  We understand that the process used is critically important in delivering accurate results, which is why we use a proven valuation process tailored specifically to the business being valued.  We deliver the results in a comprehensive yet clearly understandable report that has been recognized by our peers as "Report of the Year."  

We believe that the valuation is only as good as the professionals providing the opinion and that is why the members of our team hold all of the major accreditations in business valuation - credentialing that is unsurpassed in the valuation industry.

Over the years, we have prepared hundreds of valuations for ESOP trustees.  An inaccurate valuation can have dire consequences.  Our reports have rarely been challenged, but, when challenged, have withstood the scrutiny of the regulatory agencies and courts.

Because of our impeccable reputation for impartiality and fairness, we are often asked to review valuation reports that have been prepared by other appraisers.  A valuation report review objectively examines the content, process, and disclosures of a valuation report to ensure that it is credible and complies with generally accepted valuation practices.  Given our extensive valuation experience in the ESOP marketplace and our Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) credential, we are uniquely qualified to provide this service.

In the final analysis, you can count on Acclaro to provide an accurate and supportable valuation that will give you peace of mind. 
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