Business Owners

Acclaro provides valuations for:

  • ESOP feasibilityAcclaro Valuation Advisors
  • Management buy-in 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Recapitalizations
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Charitable contributions
If you are like most owners of a privately held business, your investment in your business represents your most valuable asset and a significant part of your personal wealth.  Properly managing and nurturing the value of your business is critical for your future well-being.  

Throughout the course of your business' life cycle, events will occur that will require you to measure the value of your business.  Valuation plays an important role in all strategic transactions, whether it be the establishment of an employee stock ownership plan, sale to the management team or third-party investors, sale of a part of the business, transferring the ownership to the next generation, or contributing shares to charities. 

You have worked long and hard to build your business.  The proper determination of the "value" of your business is critical to the success of the above transactions.  Simply guessing at its value may cost you thousands or millions of dollars, therefore it is important that you not trust your valuation to just anyone. 

At Acclaro, we approach every valuation as if the company were our own.  We understand that the process used is critically important in delivering accurate results, which is why we use a proven valuation process tailored specifically to your business.  Whether you need a comprehensive, full-disclosure report or a business value calculation designed for exit-planning purposes, we can deliver a product that meets your needs.

We believe that the valuation is only as good as the professionals providing the opinion, and that is why the members of our team hold all of the major accreditations in business valuation - credentialing that is unsurpassed in the valuation industry.

Over the years, we have prepared thousands of valuations for owners, ESOP exploratory committees, corporate boards, and management of small and mid-market businesses.  Our reports have rarely been challenged and have withstood the scrutiny of regulatory agencies and courts.  But perhaps even more importantly, they have stood up to the high standards of our clients - business owners who rely on us to provide accurate values on which they can stake their futures.

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